Vision Statement

Guided by our faith tradition, together we welcome, inspire, empower and nurture all to be the best we can be.


As a Catholic Learning Community we educate through innovative and evidence-based practices. Students are at the centre of learning. We provide opportunities to collaborate, create, and be curious. Students are challenged to reflect, problem-solve, and flourish in their learning. Every student is valued. We promote self-worth through connectedness and discovery of their interests. We build optimism, self-management, and foster positive relationships within a safe and inclusive environment. We work in partnership with our families and engage with them in their child’s learning journey.  Our faith inspires us to contribute actively, justly, and compassionately in our world through service to others and stewardship.







Our Patron Saint

St Margaret Mary was a religious Sister of the Visitation Order in France during the seventeenth century. She was patient, obedient, trusting and had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart. Jesus revealed his Sacred Heart to Margaret Mary as a sign of his great love for everyone in the world. Her love is our inspiration to live our lives as inheritors of all the great treasures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Our Logo


The centre of our logo reflects our community as we come together, moving with life and colour, energised by the spirit of our God. We are at one with our world in mercy, justice, harmony and peace. We confidently place ourselves at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ to signify our faith and beliefs.




Our Motto

Catch the Spirit

With our motto Catch the Spirit, St Margaret Mary’s School endeavours to ensure that each child will catch the spirit of love and life as revealed to us through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and experience all that we dream and work for in our Vision Statement.