At St Margaret Mary’s our aim is to nurture inquisitive minds that are determined to explore, question, think and reflect on their learning, in order for them to thrive as active citizens beyond school.


Our teachers work alongside the Numeracy Leader to plan for challenging, stimulating and purposeful learning from grades Prep to Six, using the Victorian Curriculum to guide the progression of learning. Each lesson involves the Mathematics proficiencies of understanding, problem solving, fluency and reasoning to ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully engage with their world. We use contemporary data collection for each learning area to ensure all students' individual learning needs are being met and ensure that the resources are tailored to their needs whether they be hands-on manipulatives or technologies.  Student interests and current topics are always factored into the lesson design to ensure students make connections between mathematical concepts in the classroom and their own environment. At St Margaret Mary’s there is a strong focus on multiple entry points for all students to have access to the same mathematical learning, to build on key concepts and continue to be challenged further in their knowledge. We offer Numeracy Intervention run by a specialist teacher for the junior and middle school and are in continual liaison with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS), Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) and Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV)  to ensure we are up to date with the most current pedagogical knowledge and best practice. Most importantly, the relationship between the school and family leads the partnership that we are in together to ensure your child can be the best learner they can be.